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Clients receive their Home Inspection Report the same day as the inspection, late day inspections by 8am the next day.

Technology has changed the way houses can be inspected, and Armada Inspection Services strives to set the standard for what a home inspection should be. 

Armada Inspection Services is an industry leader in Friendly, Courteous, and Professional Home Inspections, Thermal Inspections, Maintenance Inspections, WETT Inspections by a Certified Technician & Chimney Sweep, as well as Radon Testing. We consistently outperform by always placing our client’s needs and requirements first. Our mission is to deliver personalized service, advice, 100% transparency, integrity, and the absolute best value for our clients.

We cover everything from the foundation to the rooftop. Unlike inspectors who only identify ‘negatives’ about a property, we believe that a sensible practice of covering not only the properties issues, but also its strengths and assets will always lead to better choices and decisions.

Purchasing a home is easy, especially with ‘no conditions’. Once you own the property the hard part begins. You find out what you actually purchased. Was it simply lived in for 20 years with no upgrades or maintenance completed? Purchasing a property only to find out that it requires a large investment to make it livable and reliable can be like a punch in the gut and it’s not right. Using a home inspector who has the tools and experience to go beyond the ‘standard’ will identify much more, and that is what we do. Richard has the background, skills, experience, and the tools to identify the issues that are frequently omitted from a ‘standard’ inspection. Our post-purchase inspections are very popular. Our inspection team, Richard and Carol Anne, complete a detailed and systematic examination of the exterior and interior of the home, its structure and all of the major systems. We identify any safety issues and document the true condition of the home, even in areas you may not think to check and we back up our findings with facts. The inspection report you receive will document the property with clear and detailed photos and descriptions, identify any issues found, if a problem is minor or major in nature, if any components require replacement, and when an issue needs to be looked at by a licensed tradesman. We complete every inspection objectively as if for family, friends, or ourselves.

Richard is a Dalhousie University Certified Home Inspector, WETT Certified Technician, Chimney Sweep & System Advisor. He holds three Mould Certifications, is a Certified OCRMI Radon Measurement Inspector, he has two FLIR Certifications, and is a FLIR Certified Thermographic Building Investigator, one of only a few home inspectors in Ontario with this advanced designation. His other certifications are too long to list here.

If the “Well Maintained Charmer” or the “Spectacular Renovations” don’t live up to the hype, our clients are the first to know.

 Homes up to 2,000 SF – $430

Homes up to 3,000 SF – $490

CO Testing of Fuel Burning Appliances – Included

Infrared Thermal Imaging Exam – Included

Add Testing for Cancer Causing Radon to your home inspection, just $30 with same day results.

“Richard and Carol Anne are friendly, courteous, and professional. Their inspection was thorough, and they found things we never would have thought to look for. They were also able to put our minds at ease by showing us exactly what needed work, how much work was needed, and even advised us on what to prioritize and why. The report clearly delineates and explains everything, to the point that we can estimate how much home maintenance and repairs will cost and what benefits we can expect from them. They really have our best interest at heart, and it shows. We are thrilled with the value we got from their inspection of our home. Thank you, Richard and Carol Anne!”    Ash Nassef, Brockville, July-2022

Why We Test For Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Exposure to CO is extremely dangerous, it is odorless, tasteless, it can make you very sick and it can kill.

A home inspector that reports “the furnace is 27 years old and worked the day of the inspection” is telling you nothing useful, even though it may be technically correct. They put your safety at risk and end up costing you after you own the $6,000 problem.

Richard has the same tools as technicians because he works beside technicians and assists with new home builds, system installations, maintenance and repairs every chance he gets. He knows what he is looking at and looking for, including appliances beyond their expected lifespan and are leaking carbon monoxide and other toxic gases into the home due to a failure such as the perforated heat exchanger we found and pictured here. The level of detail in our inspection reports far exceeds the required standards.

Heat Exchanger Leaking
“A true professional, the service far exceeded our expectations. The truly comprehensive home inspection was invaluable in our decision to purchase. I can’t recommend Armada Inspection Services more highly. “
Peter Beliveau
Aug 2020
– – – – – – – – – –
“Excellent company all around. Great communications, service delivery and incredibly detailed inspection report with more detail, photos and advice than I could have wanted or expected! Keep up the excellent work!  “
Diana Cieslik
Apr 2022
– – – – – – – – – –
“Richard and Carol Anne were thorough and knowledgeable. This was our first home inspection and we had a great and helpful experience.”
Jasmine Lefebvre
Nov 2021
 – – – – – – – – – –
“What a great experience! Richard is knowledgeable, did a thorough inspection and was able to give suggestions when asked of how to get stuff done to help us plan for potential problems down the road. Would highly recommend his services!”
Danielle Turner
Aug 2019

“We’ve used inspection services in the past and can honestly say this was the most knowledgeable and complete one we’ve had. Richard was thorough and didn’t leave any stone unturned. Money well spent. “

Janet Trecarten
May 2021

– – – – – – – – – –

“Highly recommend Armada Inspection Services. Easy to book with, great communication, highly detailed and professional. Extremely thorough. And all for a great price! Very happy with our home inspection. Thanks Richard!”
Danielle Montgomery
May 2020
–  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –
“Richard was great and provided a very detailed report. Thanks to him we avoided buying what would have been a big money pit! Would highly recommend him.”
Stacey Grammick
Nov 2019
“It was evident from the beginning that Richard really cares about what he does. He is thorough, diligent and objective. We received a very detailed report which also included suggestions for how to resolve some of the property deficiencies. Richard also arranged for a WETT inspection to be done at the same time and took care of all of the details. Richard and Carol Anne were a pleasure to meet and work with and I have no hesitation in recommending Armada Inspection Services for your home inspection needs.
Gillian Pearl
Nov 2020
– – – – – – – – – –
This is our second time using Armada Inspection Services and definitely give them a 5 star. Outstanding attention to detail. Amazing service! Very professional, personable and thorough. Your obvious experience and enthusiasm gave us the confidence that we were making an informed decision. Your charming personality really put us at ease in this stressful process of purchasing our home. We really couldn’t have wished for a more knowledgeable, helpful and friendly inspector.”
Jeff & Gail Simourd
 June 2020
“We were looking at buying a home and had Armada Inspection Services conduct a home inspection. Their communication was impeccable throughout the process and their thoroughness clearly demonstrated their experience. Not only did they provide an excellent service, but they provided recommendations on how deficiencies might be rectified including pros and cons. I would highly recommend their home inspection service and it goes well beyond what is normally considered a home inspection.”
Joel Maley
Apr 2022
– – – – – – – – – –
“Richard’s extensive experience and qualifications really showed when inspecting the home we purchased. He answered all of our questions with detail and was very thorough in his inspection. I’d use him again without hesitation. “
Colin Rioux
Mar 2021
– – – – – – – – – –
“Amazing all round! Did an extremely thorough job and actually ended up finding some things that saved us A LOT of money down the road (since we were able to counter our original offer)
Mitchell Beattie
Dec 2019

"Your Home & Property Inspection Specialists"

Our Home Inspection Team uses the toughest and most inclusive Home Inspection Standard in Canada.

 CSA A770-16 Home Inspection Standard  

Our Home Inspection reports detail the condition and any defects found related to;

* Roofing System  *Exterior Components  *Structural & Foundation Components  *Electrical System  

*Heating Systems  *Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Systems  *Insulation & Vapour Barrier Components  *Interior   

*Ventilation Systems  *Mechanical Systems  *Plumbing Systems   *Attached Garages  *Life & Safety Systems        

*Pool & Hot Tub Safety  *Fencing & Gates   *Site Specific Issues     

*Detached Garages & Structures (client option)  

To make our inspections even more detailed we include;

CO testing of fuel burning appliances – No Additional Charge 

Infrared Thermal Imaging Exam – No Additional Charge

All Home Inspectors Are Not The Same

You find a property that you really love. What do you do?

OPTION 1:   The seller has the property inspected by a home inspector that the listing agent recommended. They have the inspection report available for you. The report identifies some obvious maintenance items, including a loose plumbing fitting, a $20 fix. There are no major issues found or identified. All you have to do is trust the report and the property is yours. 

OPTION 2:   You call Richard and discuss the property. He looks at the listing pictures and points out details you never noticed and are also not in the inspection report. Richard and Carol Anne inspect the property for you, and they tell you the true condition of the property. They identify a long list of exaggerations, omissions, and problems with the provided report. The plumbing defects that actually exist are confirmed by a Licensed Plumber who also provides a $9,000 estimate for the repairs.

Why did the pre-listing inspection not identify the long list of issues Richard and Carol Anne found?

There are bad apples in every industry, sadly its human nature. Why has honesty become such an issue for some? Do your own research, then give us a call.

Richard and Carol Anne are trusted by those that matter the most, their clients.

Do You Need a WETT Inspection?

A few homes will have a fireplace, wood stove, wood furnace, or even a pellet stove or two. Were they installed properly? Do they even work? Are they safe? Anyone can install their own wood burning appliances and it happens every day, with no inspection ever being completed. All appliances are also not made equal. Some cheap inefficient appliances cost $600 and high-end units are in the thousands. The correct WETT Inspection can tell you what you have, if it’s a certified appliance, and most importantly if it is installed correctly and safe to use.

Almost every home inspection company offers WETT Inspection services. “We do WETT Inspections”. Makes it sound like there is only one inspection standard. Did you know there are actually three levels of WETT Inspections? The vast majority of home inspectors are certified to complete only Level 1 Inspections. A Level 1 (Visual) Inspection is the lowest standard. This is a popular level of certification to get as a home inspector as you can provide your own letter of reference. That’s convenient. The Level 1 inspection does have its place and use, but not as the appliances primary inspection.

It takes years to become a WETT Certified Technician. Very few Home Inspectors are WETT Certified Technicians. Richard is one of them, and he is also a WETT Certified Chimney Sweep and Solid Fuel Burning System Advisor. Richard will switch from a Level 1 (Visual) inspection to a WETT Level 2 (Technical) Inspection when he sees the need. Level 1 Inspections do not require the use of tools and will not identify functional defects or unsafe installations, and these can cost you thousands. If Richard sees enough during the home inspection to tell him there are issues and a Level 1 inspection is not sufficient, he will tell you beforehand, saving you the cost of the WETT Inspection. He will discuss the issues found, along with his concerns, and you can decide how to proceed from there. Most times, even severe defects are repairable, but first you need to know.

Due to increased client requests, we have adopted a much larger service area in order to serve everyone better.

Main Service Area :  Brockville, Cardinal, Lansdowne, Mallorytown, Merrickville, Prescott, Rockport, Smiths Falls, Spencerville, Westport, Seeley’s Bay and anywhere in between.

Zone 2: ($25 travel fee) expands service area to include Gananoque, Iroquois, Kemptville, Kingston, Morrisburg, and Perth areas.

Zone 3: ($50 travel fee) expands service area to include Carleton Place, Cornwall, Kanata, Mississippi Mills, Napanee, Ompah, Sharbot Lake, Tatlock, and Winchester areas. Zone 3 inspection reports are delivered as soon as possible and no later then 8am the next morning.

We provide our reliable service 7 days a week.

Just give us a call, 613-802-8068, or send us an email and we can confirm the address and availability for you.

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Give Every Paw a Chance !


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