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An Armada Inspection Services pre-listing home inspection is for the seller who puts their property on the market with a selling edge. Buyers appreciate that a professional and accurate home inspection has already been completed. Real Estate agents can promote this feature on your behalf. Show buyers that they can make an offer with confidence. Out-of-Town buyers love our detailed reports. 


Our Home Inspection process is a detailed and systematic inspection of the property. We provide you with a professional and unbiased report on the homes current condition. Our report will tell the story the home has to tell us. We NEVER under or over state the condition of the property. Our clients get a comprehensive and detailed electronic record of the inspection in PDF format. The inspection reports are written in plain English, are full of digital color photos and thermograms (thermographic photos) if applicable. Along with detailed notes that identify every issue and concern. All accessible components of the subject property are inspected to expose any existing defects. Our thermal exam will detect and identify issues not visible to the naked eye. This is why we include it at no additional charge.


A Sept-2020 Ontario court ruling awarded the buyers of a property $100,000 due to structural defects which were not identified or disclosed.

The Ontario Statute of Limitations on a property sale/purchase is (2) two years. Some circumstances can extend this period.

An Armada Inspection Services post-purchase home inspection can find and identify the issues that were never disclosed or even hidden from you. You may find that you have legal rights when it comes to these defects.  You are not ‘stuck with it’ just because the sale has closed. The first step is to know what you purchased and our detailed inspection process will tell you. Richards extensive list of certifications, as well as his reputation, will stand up in any court. If you think you may have issues that concern you just give Richard a call to discuss.

W.E.T.T. INSPECTIONS:   Our Certified & Insured Home Inspector is also a WETT Certified Technician, Chimney Sweep, and System Advisor

The WETT inspections provided by 99% of other home inspection companies are WETT Level 1(Visual) inspections only. The term “WETT inspection” suggests that there is only one standard, but there are actually 3 levels of WETT inspections. Level 1 is the lowest.

We provide inspections to either the WETT Level 1 (Visual) or WETT Level 2 (Technical) inspection standard as requested or deemed required. 

As a WETT Technician, we can repair most common deficiencies on-site during the inspection if desired, saving you both time and money.

Did you know that during a “Level 1” inspection there is no requirement to use a ladder, use tools, or operate an appliance such as a pellet stove to check for malfunctions or safe operation? How can you possibly inspect an appliance properly without operating it? It could cost you hundreds or thousands to repair or replace, and you wouldn’t know this until after the fact. Tool advocates everywhere can rest easy knowing that no tools are harmed during a Level 1 inspection completed by most home inspection companies. 

Our Certified Home Inspector is also a WETT Certified Technician, Chimney Sweep, and System Advisor who CAN and DOES use ladders and tools during a Level 1 inspection all the time. Our advice, KNOW what you are looking at up front by hiring a Technician.

WETT Level 3 (Invasive) inspections can only be completed by a Certified SITE Comprehensive Inspector. This service will soon be available by referral and appointment.

Richard Winters is a full time Professional Home Inspector, Certified by Dalhousie University.

Richards growing list of Certifications & Qualifications also includes;

FLIR Certified Thermal Imaging Inspector

FLIR Certified Thermographic Building Investigator

Ontario Building Code, Part 9 Building Envelope

Ontario Building Code, Part 9 House Health & Safety

Certified Residential Mould Inspector

Certified Commercial Mould Inspector

Mould Remediation & Protocol Certified

OCRMI Certified Radon Measurement Inspector

WETT Certified Technician (WETT # 13231)

WETT Certified System Advisor

WETT Certified SITE Basic Inspector

WETT Certified Chimney Sweep

WETT SITE Comprehensive Inspector (coming in 2024)

Working at Heights Certified

more coming ……..

Richard has also been logging training time for the last 4 years towards his RED SEAL Plumber & RED SEAL Gas Fitter Tickets


THERMAL IMAGING INSPECTIONS:    *Included in ALL Home Inspections 

Thermographic imaging identifies issues that are not visible to the naked eye. Water issues. Insulation & Structure related problems. Air leaks around doors and windows. Roofing leaks. Faulty breakers, fuses and wiring. And, even if rodents are hiding in your walls or the attic. Thermal inspections can identify maintenance related issues with HVAC systems too.

Richard uses his 30+ years of experience along with FLIR thermal cameras, FLIR moisture meters, a few other tricks he has learned over the decades and adds them to his Thermographer & Thermographic Building Investigator Certifications. These ensure that he makes the most accurate diagnosis of any issue found.

OCRMI ULTRA-SHORT RADON TESTING:   *Add to your Home Inspection for only $50

In the time it takes to complete the home inspection, the OCRMI ultra-short radon test will provide you with an indication if radon is entering the home. A 90 to 150 day test is ideal for identifying the average long-term exposure levels, but is useless as part of a real-estate transaction. Because of this, our test results allow our clients to make a more informed decision. This is why we include it at no additional charge.

Radon is a radioactive gas, produced as a byproduct thru the decay of Uranium. Radon is dangerous. It kills over 800 annually in Ontario alone. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, second only to smoking, and it is virtually everywhere. The gas enters our homes and businesses thru cracks and entry points at or below ground level.


Maintenance inspections are recommended every three to five years. If you have a maintenance inspection performed by Armada within five years of your initial Home Inspection performed by us, you will receive the Maintenance Inspection at 25% off the rate posted at the time of the inspection.


Call:  613-802-8068 

E-Mail:  info@armadainspectionservices.ca
Armada Inspection Services completes all home inspections to the CSA-A770-16 Home Inspection Standard, Plus
Infrared Thermal Imaging Exam INCLUDED
Carbon Monoxide Leak Testing of Gas & Oil Furnaces, Fireplaces and Stoves INCLUDED
Our inspection team makes sure our clients receive their completed report the same day as the inspection. Late afternoon inspections will be in your email first thing the following morning well before 8 am. The properties condition, complexity, and issues all take time to capture properly.
  ‘Standards’ are the minimum standard, just like the Ontario Building Code. Our detailed inspections take an average of 3-4 hours at the home, not 2 hours like many others. The inspection we complete on your behalf is anything but standard.
Our knowledge, training, and experience is combined with the best equipment available on every inspection. We use FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras. Nikon & GoPro Digital Cameras. TPI Gas Analyzers. Corentium Pro Radon Detectors. FLIR Moisture Meters. EX Tech Anemometers. TPI Digital Psychrometers. RIDGID & Ferret Borescopes. Fluke & Klein Electrical Testers, and more. Because our sole purpose is to ensure you receive the information you need along with the best service possible. Note: The majority of this equipment is not required to perform a ‘standard’ home inspection.
“What a great experience! Richard is knowledgeable, did a thorough inspection and was able to give suggestions when asked of how to get stuff done to help us plan for potential problems down the road. Would highly recommend his services!”
Danielle Turner
August 2019
Home Inspection Services Serving Smiths Falls Ontario